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Konnevesi is an ideal place to pick up berries and mushrooms. In autumn, a large number of wild berries and mushrooms are everywhere for you to pick up. White summer nights in Finland ripen berries with the strong sunshine in a short time, making them uniquely tasty. The berries are a great source of many vitamins and dietary minerals. Mushrooms are rich in vital minerals, proteins, vitamins and fibre. They can contain as much or even more minerals than vegetables. Many tourists come here far from abroad just for the purpose of picking up and tasting berries and mushrooms.

Picking up berries and mushrooms is also a very good outdoor activity since it allows yo to stay in the beautiful nature. Just take a basket with you and follow our wilderness guide to the forest. The journey will be full of discovery surprises by blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, chantarelles, boletuses and many others. We’re sure that you will have more than enough vitamins on the way and return with good results as well. After the journey, our guide will make a bonfire in a forest hut and we will cook a green and natural meal with materials what we’ve got.