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JYP Jyväskylä (JYP)
JYP is an ice hockey team playing in the Finnish SM-liiga. They play in Jyväskylä, Finland, at the LähiTapiola
JYP was founded in 1923. First it was the ice hockey section of the sports club Jyväskylän Palloilijat
(Jyväskylä's Ballsport players in English) until 1977. Then they separated from that sports club to be an
independent hockey club. The club achieved promotion to the league in the spring of 1985, and has played
there ever since. For the last few years JYP has been one of the most successful clubs in Finland. In the last
five seasons, JYP has won the regular season three times and the league championship twice (2012 &
2009). JYP won the European Trophy in 2014.


CEO: Aku Vallenius


CEO: Aku Vallenius






CHL Champion 2018                                                                    CHL欧洲冠军冰球联赛冠军:2018年

National championships: 2009, 2012                                            全国联赛冠军2届 :2009年, 2012年

European Trophy championships: 2014                                      欧洲冠军杯:2014年


2014–15: 4th regular season, Semi-finals

2013–14: 5th regular season, Quarter-finals

2012–13: 3rd regular season, Semi-finals

2011–12: 4th regular season, Champions

2010–11: 1st regular season, Semi-finals

2009–10: 1st regular season, Semi-finals

2014-15: 第4届常规赛,进入半决赛

2013-14: 第5届常规赛,进入1/4 决赛

2012-13: 第3届常规赛,进入半决赛

2011-12: 第4届常规赛,赢得冠军

2010-11: 第1届常规赛,进入半决赛

2009-10: 第1届常规赛, 进入半决赛




JYP’s Strengths

  • Close teamwork and good team spirit
  • Particularly tight and active defensive, which is followed by a fast attack
  • The balance between defense and attack
  • Players mentally committed to team play – good attitude, work ethic, willpower
  • Excellent goalkeeper

JYP has utilized the University of Jyväskylä’s sports science competence in its operations: a number of coaches have come from the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences of the University and later on have been able to show their strengths in bigger arenas, even up to the national team. Many coaches graduating from the University of Jyväskylä have coached in Jyväskylä in their careers, the most well-known are like Erkka Westerlund, Sakari Pietilä, Mika Toivola, Hannu Aravirta, Mika Saarinen, Matti Alatalo, Jukka Rautakorpi, Risto Dufva, and Raimo Summanen who had received most of his lessons from Seppo Rantanen. Some of those have subsequently coached in the national team.  For example, Risto Dufva, the former coach of JYP, had also worked for the national team. Today, JYP’s chief coach is Marko Virtanen.

JYP Juniors

JYP Juniors is an independent association founded in 1996 for JYP junior activities. There are about 650 children and young people playing in our teams, which are divided according to ages, hobbies, city blocks,  boys and girls.

In 1996 JYP Juniors Club was awarded with Youth Finland as the fifth ice hockey club and the first league club in Finland.

The age groups of JYP Juniors are divided into B-00 – E2-07 according to birth years. There are altogether 7 ice halls where JYP implements the training, 5 nearby Jyväskylä and 2 a little bit further. All the activities are professional and teams are trained by qualified coaches. The coaching heads are top experts in the nation.

JYP Juniors’ Operation:

  • Provide juniors with a chance to develop their ice hockey hobby
  • Improve individual’s development through ice hockey training
  • Develop ice hockey sports in Jyväskylä as well as in Central Finland
  • Promote the external image of ice hockey
  • Make JYP Juniors to be one of the best in Finland
  • Cultivate young players for JYP League team, JYP Academy and A-Youth Team


Mikko Palsola had played up to A’s SM series and stopped playing in the season 1980-81. After that, he started his coaching career in Kärpät Ice Hockey Team of Oulu in 1981-82 and in JYP 1987-2003. He is qualified with A-level ice hockey coach certificate. He has been the chief coach since 2003 and completed the chief coach degree in 2009.  He worked as the team leader of the Finnish national team with players born in 1999 from 2014 to 2017, and of the national team with players born in 2002 since 2017.  He has served as the coach or chief coach in the Finnish Ice Hockey League’s Pohjola Camp for more than 10 times.  Mikko has also served in the Coaching Committee of Finnish Ice Hockey Federation, the Junior Hockey Committee and the Tournament Committee, as well as the Coaching Committee and the Tournament Committee of Central Finland.

Mikko Palsola’s tasks are like organizing sport activities for the whole club, making players’ paths happen and developing the club as well as cooperating with partner clubs. In addition to these tasks he takes care of the office routines of the club together with executive director, another chief coach and skill coach.

Chief Coach’s manager is Executive Director while Chief Coach is the superior of Skill Coach. Chief Coach reports to the board of the club as well as his superior concerning tasks which are related to his duty.

Chief Coach develop players’ operation and coaching activities together with JYP Jyväskylä Oy. He is responsible of the internal and external training for sport instructors and coaches as well as recruitments, training, the training programs and time divisions for different age groups and exercise groups. He also prepares the coaching materials for the club.

Chief Coach is responsible for unions training and exercise programs. He gives feedback to coaches in all phases like meetings, exercises and games. He joins in SJL head office, participates in the trainings of league areas and another training organizations as well as Chief Coach position related activities.

Chief Coach is available in the club office whenever his schedule is free for it. Best time when you can reach Chief Coach is so called office hours, more information by an email or phone call.


Mikko Viitanen has 30 years’ experience with ice hockey, among which he was a professional player in Finland and United States for 16 years. Coaching experience he has four years from which one year as a professional coach. During his career he played in Finnish Hockey League and Mestis which is like a second level in Finnish ice hockey ranking. In United States he played in AHL and ECHL. He has played four games for Finnish national team.

His best achievement as a player was two Finnish championships, three bronze positions, three regular seasons’ champion and in Finnish national team U20 bronze medal in year 2002.

He has started coach training already during his player career and his education background is professional coach for children (VAT).

As a coach my best capacity is the skill development for children as well as the improvement of their physical properties, taking the special characteristics of their age into account.

Chief Coach Mikko Viitanen is responsible for development of hobby ice hockey, junior F class and younger children so called city block ice hockey as well as ice hockey school activities. Girls ice hockey is included for his scope too. Chief Coach creates actions plans and budgets for all above-mentioned sectors. His superior is Executive Director. Chief Coach reports above-mentioned sectors situation to his superior and board committee. Commercial issues are included.

Chief Coach follows up the contents of activities, guides, trains and recruits above-mentioned team related people in co-operation with another Chief Coach and Skill Coach. Chief Coach maps and develops co-operation possibilities between the club and schools.

Chief Coach is available in the team office whenever his schedule is free for it. He represents the team in different conditions where issues belong to his area.


Player career:

Junior years in Jyväskylä and several seasons in second level league in Jyväskylä

Another ice hockey related time spent:

Ice hockey schools and area responsibilities in Tampere 2002 – 2009 (teams Ilves and KooVee). Year 2009 – 2013 Jyp Youth juniors manager. Responsibilities ice hockey schools, city block & hobby ice hockey as well as girls ice hockey. Since 2013 Jyp Juniors skill coach. Close co-operation with another teams in area and strong contact to Finnish Ice Hockey Association skill coaches.

Skill Coach develops and follows up quality of training for children and player paths. This is especially for junior levels E and D. These tasks are in co-operation with Chief Coach and Area Coach of Ice Hockey Association. Superior of Skill Coach is Mr. Palsola.

Time is split into two parts. 60 % for JYP Juniors and 40 % for co-operation teams. Skill Coach reports to Board of JYP Juniors and Finnish Ice Hockey Association.

Skill Coach support another coaches whom are not full-time. Communication between coaches, players and their parents is one part of responsibilities. In addition of above-mentioned, Skill Coach gives skill related training for E & D junior coaches and as well as players’ parents.

Ice Hockey Lecturer MIKA LIEVONEN

Goal keeper Coach

Responsibility of Ice Hockey Lecturer is to ensure that junior hockey players in Jyväskylä can best combine school and goal-oriented sports so that there is no effect to school results. IHL keeps continuous communication with schools for all school grades in Jyväskylä area. In co-operation with the school principals, teachers and OPOs, there is a target to ensure that every ice hockey player will find a correct learning path that each player is able to graduate with a minimum level of secondary education (= high school / vocational college) even ice hockey is a markable part of their life.

ICL is responsible for second grade morning & academy trainings and he’s part of secondary school’s morning trainings together with chief coaches. Big task is continuous development of personal training possibilities. This will be done together with Jyväskylä Sport Academy, KiHu, University and local clubs.

JYP Juniors provides varied and qualified opportunities for ice hockey. All of our actions are based on the basic values of the club, keeping in mind that children and young people are our priority. Coaches of our club are well reputable in Finland. Our coaches are trained by Finnish Ice Hockey Association and our own development trainings. We honor qualified and well-planned activities.

It is possible to start ice hockey already at three years old in our ice hockey school. Our club offer various kinds of exercise up to juniors of 18 years old.

In JYP Juniors after ice hockey school it is possible to select city block activity. In city block hockey our target is to motivate children and young people to learn sport way of living and try to get them strongly interested in ice hockey. After city block hockey it is possible to select the direction of development, towards competitive sports of age-group contest step by step or just hobby hockey activity.

Age-group contest area activities are extremely more than city block hockey. Idea of city block hockey is to provide ice hockey as a hobby for young people by the frequency of two times per week. Average activities per week in age-group contest is around five per week. Because of more activities and more qualified, age-group contest hockey is more expensive than city block hockey.

Training camp: program and objective

  • Development of player (individual) up to international level
  • Game courage (mental coaching)- means strong focus on player’s (individual) mental coaching in practice – self-confidence and game courage
  • Create of winning culture
  • Game skill – goal making / shot skill / passing skill (severity) – skating skill (power)
  • Physical properties – makes foundation stronger for skill improvement and wellbeing
  • General sportiness – development starts already from childhood – enough motoric skill base, basic fitness and sport skills
  • Refine power to skill
  • Make mid-body stronger, develop game speed
  • Recognize situation in offence game for different kinds of variations 1) fast start – offence to unorganized defence- 2) break start – offence to organized defence
  • No delay when move from offence to active defence
  • Improvements of personal ability for game speed (mental ability to react), reading of situation on ice and react for it, development of skill and physical properties. Improve of power to make goals
  • Improvement of goal making in team level (common principles) – straight offences – playing on the end – special situations




Daily schedule example of training camp

40 players are divided into two groups, two teams, 10-day camp


Daily model, 2 training sessions


Team 1

7:20 – 7:40 Physical exercise

8:00 – 9:20 Training on ice

9:40 – 10:00 Physical exercise


Team 2

8:50 – 9:10 Physical exercise

9:30 – 10:50 Training on ice

11:10 – 11:30 Physical exercise


Break, lunch


Team 1

13:20 – 13:40 Physical exercise

14:00 – 15:20 Training on ice

15:40 – 16:00 Physical exercise


Team 2

14:50 – 15:10 Physical exercise

15:30 – 16:50 Training on ice

17:10 – 17:30 Physical exercise


2h 40min on the ice / team / day



Spa Hotel Peurunka
Peurunka Wellness and Sports Centre

Located in Central Finland, next to the sports and university town Jyväskylä, Peurunka is a spa hotel and a wellness and sports retreat with a staff of some 200 employees. In addition to our newly renovated spa, Peurunka offers you a modern sports and fitness facilities with, for example, testing services, ice rink and possibility to exercise in various ways both indoor and outdoor. We have close cooperation with the Finnish Ice Hockey Association. Peurunka has done cooperation with Finnish Ice Hockey Association especially in junior tournaments, we have several national tournaments throughout the year with nations leading players.

Leading team in Central Finland is JYP Jyväskylä, the Finnish top national level ice hockey team and gold medal winner of the Finnish highest ice-hockey league in 2009 & 2012 whom with Peurunka has done cooperation for years.

In junior level Peurunka does cooperation with JYP juniors and LKP, the two main junior teams in Central Finland. As together these two teams have approximately 1000 players. As the main player in the junior field in Central Finland JYP juniors have took big steps forward in the work with junior games, they do cooperation with national sports academy and have also hockey lecturer position in Central Finland which means even stronger position for the sport in the area. Jyp juniors have started 2017 a coaching academy in cooperation with University of Jyväskylä and JYP juniors chief of coaching, Mikko Palsola, works as a director in coaching academy . Mikko is one of the best chief of coaching in Finland. He is also Finland´s U18 teams team leader. Jyp juniors have 8 levels where they compete and B-juniors won silver in their series this year.

Testing by KIHU

KIHU is a research institute that employs thirty-five experts, researchers and members of technical staff, representing various fields of biological, behavioral and social sciences. The members of the Executive Board of KIHU Foundation represent the Finnish Olympic Committee, the University of Jyväskylä, the City of Jyväskylä and sports associations. Together KIHU, the Central Finland Central Hospital and Peurunka are executing education of specialist medical doctors in Sports and Exercise Medicine in cooperation with the School of Medicine at the University of Tampere. This education program is financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. KIHU can provide testing services for camp participants with different fees.