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Finland is well known as the “land of a thousand lakes” and most of its lakes are located in the lake land of Central Finland. Among them, Lake Konnevesi is a limpid lake by Finnish standards, with the visible depth of its northern part measuring 5 to 6 metres, or even as much as 10 to 11 metres in winter. Its average depth is 11 metres and the deepest point measures 57 metres. The cool waters of Lake Konnevesi are among the primary habitats of wild migratory brown trout in Southern Finland. Both the east and the west sides of its southern part are connected with rapids, which guarantees that the lake has the best salmon, trout, perch and pike in Finland.

Konnevesi water area has seven natural and beautiful rapids which are all rich in fishes. These 7 rapids in Konnevesi, often called as a paradise for fly fishing, are well known and highy valued both in Finland and in the world. In recent years, these rapids have also attracted the attention of media. For example, the feature story of these rapids have been reported by both the domestic Arctic Waters-series and National Geographic Channel’s King Fishers-series.

Konnevesi is also honoured as Presidents’ Resort Town since it was the favorite fishing spot of the former Finnish President Urho Kekkonen, who had visited here for fishing every year from 1964 to 1981. Later on, American President Jimmy Carter was also attracted to come here for fishing by its reputation.

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