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We have professional ice and snow rally racing track and world-class coach, Juha Kankkunen, the 4-time Rally World Champion. We welcome you to experience the speed and passion of the ultimate winter rally driving. All our driving programs are tailored to match your needs: both beginners and advanced drivers will always learn something new at our ice driving school.

Winter rally training and experiences include:

  • Driving training 9am – 4pm (can be tailored to your needs)
  • Professional Rally instructors
  • Full damage insurance without self-liability
  • Towing cars + driver
  • Spare cars
  • Short theory
  • Petrol
  • Lunch at warm cottage next to tracks
  • Transportation to race track & back
  • Other necessary supports (dinners, other activites, moving etc)

Participants learn the special skills required for high speed driving on demanding surfaces and in difficult weather conditions; ice, snow, (seldom heavy rain and limited visibility). You will also learn better control of 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Basic principles of Sport & Fast driving:

  • How to control a vehicle in challenging situations
  • Control of a vehicle at high speed, driving on slippery surfaces, driving techniques of 4-wheel drive vehicles, optimal use of electrical car equipment (ESP, ASR and ABS) at high speed
  • Racing driving lines basics
  • Cornering, braking & braking points
  • The opportunity to practise driving on an ice-track and learning the techniques needed for competitive driving in races
  • Targets for each practice session
  • Correct use of brake assistance in winter driving
  • Driving at high speed
  • Obstacle avoidance at high speed
  • Emergency braking at high speed
  • Control of over steer and under steer
  • Correct steering technique
  • Correct driving position and without and with ESP steering technique
  • Lots of driving, no queues and lots and lots of fun.


For more information, please contact: