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Sauna is like a paradise in Finns’ eyes. In sauna, you will forget all the worries and relax yourself totally that all pressures just disappear. The extraordinary enjoyment will make you feel purely happy.

Finns think of saunas not as a luxury, but as a necessity. Looking out from the lakeside sauna of one’s own cottage, the view is often where Finns’ real soul belongs to. Healing has been an integral part of sauna for ages.The feeling of being physically and mentally clean is something so blissful that you want to enjoy it in peace as long as you feel like.

There are several types of saunas, the most common being electric, wood-heated and smoke saunas, among which, smoke sauna (savusauna in Finnish), is the most traditional. It is heated by fire without a chimney. Wood is burned in a particularly large stove and the smoke fills the room. When the sauna is hot enough, the fire is allowed to die and of course the smoke is ventilated out. The residual heat of the stove is enough for the duration of the sauna.

After sauna, when the body is completely relaxed, possibly you will feel very hungry. Then there is nothing more tempting than the delicious foods. Don’t worry! A sauna meal is waiting for you, for example, a fresh salad, different kinds of cheese, toast bread, salmon soup, grilled beef and small potatoes. All the food materials are from the local organic farm, the only thing not from the local is coffee.

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Finnish sauna tour; introduction to different kinds of saunas is Finland; smoke sauna, tent sauna, “spell” sauna. You can try all the different saunas while you enjoy the beautiful lake scenery and clean lake waters of Central Finland. Guided nature trail where you learn about Finnish birds and plants.

Suitability: No age limit
Location: Revontuli – The Northern Lights Resort
Group size: 4 – 20 persons
Availability: As agreed with the group
Duration: 2 nights
Price:  425€ / person
Price includes: Accommodation in cabin (or hotel room if wanted), breakfasts,
The Northern Lights Sauna Trail -experience for 3 hours, special sauna dinner
Supplements: lunch, dinner
Availability: all year
Service language: Finnish, English